Top Tips For a Healthier Home

Don’t dry clothes in an area that isn’t ventilated

If you have no tumble dryer or other suitable area, use a room where an extract fan is fitted and ensure it is on all the time clothes are drying. Bringing in damp clothes when out in the rain has the same effect.

Open windows whenever you can

If the weather allows, particularly when you first purchase new furniture, carpets or electronic equipment. Do the same during and after decorating. Do not ‘live’ in those rooms until they have been ventilated for a couple of days.

Ensure bedding is washed regularly

All bedding including duvets and pillows.

Keep pets in designated areas

Ideally on the ground floor, to cut down on the spread of hair.

Monitor electronic equipment

Keep electronic equipment out of bedroom areas as much as possible and keep these items switched off whenever you can.

Do not switch off a whole house ventilation unit

They are usually found in newer properties and are designed to run continuously using very little power. Some even recover heat and therefore save energy. If you think the unit isn’t working properly, arrange for a qualified engineer to inspect it.

Open your windows

Do not leave windows or doors closed for long periods. Open windows if you have to smoke indoors.

Check your ventilation products are working properly

These could be slot vents in the windows, air bricks in the walls or extract fans in the bathrooms. Check that they or any ducting is not blocked or unclean, or even not connected properly. Contact an electrician to help you with the extract fan if you are unsure of electrical safety precautions.

Cut down or eradicate the use of air borne pollutants

For example, use roll-on deodorants instead of sprays, furniture polish cream and not spray. Use less hairspray.

Monitor bathroom fans

If moisture isn’t clearing quickly from bathrooms after use, re-set extract fans to run for longer on their timer. If they have a humidistat, re-set this to cut in at a lower humidity level.

Find out what ventilation products you have and how they work

You may not even be able to see some of them, like a centrally running system located in the loft. Understand how and when they should be used.

Increase ventilation at busy times

The more people that live in the property, the more that moisture will be collected, so increase ventilation at busy times or according to occupancy levels.

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Top Tips for a healthier home